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We Care About What Doesn’t Matter

Last night I spent much of the evening at church (McBIC, or Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ) watching the World Series game with many other Phillies fans, and a couple of Yankee fans. It was an enjoyable time, and those who stayed for most of the night had as much fun with the fellowship as the […]

A Lesson Students Should Learn …

I know I am a little late with this post, but I thought I should post this anyway. During my brief hiatus, I have battled some kind of cold/sinus infection, survived homecoming, and made it all the way to fall break. While attempting to take a break, I have done no work for school, but […]

Faith and My Guitar …

As I have previously mentioned, I have long desired to learn to play guitar. This process has been little more than occasionally playing around with the guitar for quite some time. My old approach essentially boiled down to memorizing notes and repetitively playing uninteresting little songs; all the while I was dreaming of the “someday” […]