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Matthew 13

Matthew 13

The Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew here seems to have collected several of Jesus’ descriptions of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like, and how the Kingdom grows. It is interesting to note that the tares and the wheat are allowed to grow together. In my experience, this seems to be the reality of the Church. Not everyone in the Church is “wheat”, but to get rid of the tares will often harm the wheat. So, how do we balance. I think there probably are times that we need to do some weeding, as it were, but very carefully. We must be sure that we are only weeding what God tells us to weed. If God says that we should let both grow together and let Him sort it out, it would be foolish to begin the weeding process on our own. We will only damage the wheay, and probably miss tares anyway. Only God can provide the wisdom that we need to be able to do it right.

Lord, help me to refrain from attempting to judge wheat from tares in my church. May I offer Your grace to all, for I am not qualified to distinguish partially grown wheat from the tares. I don’t want to harm the tender shoots of wheat in my misguided attempts to pull tares. Lead me in seeing that only You can decide what to prune and what to allow in Your Church. Thank You for Your grace with me, and may I extend it to others.

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